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Mortgage Renewal

When it’s time to renew your mortgage, don’t just sign the offer the bank sends you. In this market, there is a lot of competition for your business and you should be shopping around for the best deal.

Refinance Your Property

Take advantage of the current best interest rates. Don’t let penalties deter you! Access equity (cash) in your home or Consolidate Debt.

Debt Consolidation

Don’t keep lining the pockets of those high interest credit card companies. Consult with me to find out how you can consolidate all of your debt and save money in the process.

Buying A Home

This is an extremely exciting time in your life! Take some of the stress out of it by entrusting your mortgage to JGT Mortgages. We will make sure to guide you through the process in a professional, and educational manner.

Self-Employed Mortgages

We understand that business owners have difficulties obtaining mortgage financing from the banks. Don’t let that discourage you; we work with multiple “A” Lenders that can provide the funding that you need and the best interest rates out there!

Pre-Approval Mortgages

Your house hunt shouldn’t start with a call to your realtor; it should start with a call to a mortgage professional like us who will work with you in order to obtain a mortgage pre-approval.

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